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About GPS

GPS is short for Global Positioning System. The name says exactly what GPS is, namely a system that can be used around the earth to determine where you are. The GPS system was developed by the Department of Defense of the United States under the name of NAVSTAR GPS. The first satellite was launched in 1978. In 1995 there were 24 active satellites and the system was fully operational. From 1995, there are still satellites sent into space to replace failed ones and expand the system up to now 32 active GPS satellites.

The signal transmits a GPS satellite contains information such as the number of the satellite, the location of the satellite in space, and the date and time that the signal was sent. A GPS receiver thus knows when the signal was transmitted. The receiver also knows when the signal is received because an internal clock is in the GPS. GPS also knows how quickly the signal went through the area (299,792 km / s). With all these data, the GPS determine the distance to the satellite.
Because a GPS receiver knows where you are, it can also indicate the direction to a specified destination. A GPS (GPS receiver is often called GPS or GPSr) thereby replacing map and compass. And that’s good news for anyone who is not as easy as that, because navigating with a GPS is very simple. The satellite signals are also free and open to everyone.

The GPS receiver combines the distance to the satellite with the information on the location of the satellite. This brings GPS into a number of options where you can be in the room. Forming potential locations as it were a sphere around the satellite. If you receive a signal from a second satellite, you find yourself at the intersection of two spheres (which is a circle). And if you receive signals from three satellites, hold only two points on which all three spheres have in common. One of those points is usually not on the earth, so you know your position. The signal from a fourth satellite makes final location and is used to make more accurate the positioning. That accuracy is approximately 3 meters in the open field.
The GPS system consists of three parts: satellites, ground stations and receivers. The satellites are the heart of the system. There are currently 32 active GPS satellites. They run in six orbits around the Earth at about 20,000 km altitude. The speed of these satellites is so great (approximately 11,000 km / hr) that they once every 12 hours to go around the earth. Continuously they send signals to Earth. These signals can be received by GPS receivers, which they use to determine your position on earth. check the ground and the correct operation of the satellites.
More about phone tracking app best can be found in our booklet About GPS. In the book All about GPS is in a very accessible way explains what GPS is and how you can go hiking, and biking. We look at the use of coordinates, waypoints, routes, maps, Basecamp, POIs etc. The book also includes our acclaimed Do-It-Yourself course. On the basis of clear practical exercises anyone can handle a GPS learning. There are various techniques that can improve the positioning accuracy.


This involves the use of correction signals from ground stations (DGPS). WAAS and EGNOS in Europe, in America are examples of DGPS. Waas / EGNOS is built into the present and GPS, but adds in practice not much matter because the signals from the WAAS / EGNOS satellites can not be well received. GPS is not the only satellite navigation system. Russia has a system called GLONASS. Europe also is working on a satellite navigation system. That system called Galileo. In 2019, Galileo should be operational.

Snapchat and Google ally with the press in France to combat false information

Among the eight media outlets in France who were allied with France Médias Monde Snapchat group set – which includes RFI and France 24 – Le Monde newspaper and magazine L’Express, Agence France Presse and BFM television news.


Under pressure, incentive to better tackle the misinformation – or “fake news” as they are called – after being regarded as a striking feature of the recent electoral campaign in the US, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg established since America December 5 device in collaboration with media outlets there. After France, Snapchat plans to continue cooperation with other countries, Germany is next on the list.

Specifically, Snapchat will allow users to report information which they consider false. All such information will be reported together in a portal with access to media partners. They can then verify that information. If at least two media outlets, two publications therefore determined that the content is false then it will be signaled with a flag that Snapchat users will remember that two “fact-checkers” have questioned the veracity of that information. If Snapchat users will want to pass on this content “dubious”, a message will alert. In addition, such content can not be exploited untruthful advertising.

In a commentary that resembles but rather a justification Director Le Monde explains why he hesitated to accept this collaboration.  The eight media outlets engaged in this operation, however, insists on its experimental nature. A first assessment will be done in two months but already it is assumed that job sharing will be extended.

In parallel with this collaboration Snapchat with eight media outlets in France, First Draft News Network in collaboration with Google will launch in late site “crosscheck”. 16 editorial partner – again including AFP, Le Monde, France Médias Monde and France Télévisions – will work together to identify and verify the content circulating online – news, photos, videos or comments. As in the previous case, the public is invited to attend signaling suspicious content.


A team of journalism students, formed by Google, will summarize and then be put back in context every rumor or allegation unfounded photomontage. The flow thus created will be supervised by Agence France Presse. “Competition between media is not stake when it comes to combat misinformation and manipulation.

Snapchat mobile app and desktop site began propagating a new section dedicated to weather forecast. The claim that Snapchat already at 95% of its users can access the new feature and that in the coming days, it will be available to everyone.

The new weather section of Snapchat is an upgrade to the message that sometimes have their social network users and includes the current temperature. Through it, users can now access a special section dedicated to weather forecast.

In addition to greeting the feed, the new feature can be accessed from the More section, where Snapchat cram all auxiliary functions of the feed, as well as groups and pages.

The new weather section from Snapchat only provides information on the maximum and minimum temperatures, provided by weather.com, lacking a dedicated application scope, informing the user about many other aspects forecast as wind power, chance and rainfall etc.

In addition, Snapchat will also provide notifications on weather conditions. For now, the notifications are in test phase, to be implemented in their final form by the end of this month.

For snapchat password hack, the new section dedicated to weather conditions is part of a series that seems endless amenities that are designed to keep as much captive user in their social network ecosystem.

What’s in the demo of Pokemon Sun & Moon

In this special demo version, you will discover the region of Alola as well as Sachanobi, the Amphinobi which appears alongside Sacha in the cartoons Pokémon, series: XYZ. Note that you will be able to transfer your Amphinobi Shape Sacha from the special demo version to the full version of Pokémon Soleil or Pokémon Lune after their release on November 23rd.

What is this game ?

Pokémon Soleil and Pokémon Lune takes place in the tropical region of Alola, a paradisiac archipelago with four main islands of lush nature and an artificial island. These islands are inhabited by many unknown Pokémon to this day. From the beginning of the adventure, the player can choose to play a hero or a heroine and give him the name and appearance he wants. The story begins with the move of the main character to Alola, but hardly has he set foot in his new home that adventures and new encounters are connected.

A first video to discover the demo

It is our friend Ben who from Japan, released a first video on YouTube of the demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon.For its fourth edition, NOGA continues to explore the link between video game and digital creation. Always organized by the Carré d’Art library complex in Nîmes, this year’s theme is disability and e-health. With the guests MARCUS and KAYANE. Download game: http://pksunrom.com/

The network of libraries in Nîmes, CHU Nîmes and Paloma host the 4th edition of the festival of video games and digital creation, on the themes of the augmented body, and video games for the benefit of health and disability.The program features lectures in the presence of geek culture icons (Marcus and Kayane, the Blind Legend team), health and research professionals, video game consoles and PC games, retrogaming, Free to play games stands, workshops with augmented reality helmets, exhibitions.Enjoy the inaugural weekend to treat the latest generation consoles in cooldown tournaments hosted by Cooldown and meet Marcus at the inaugural conference.

In the presence of Kayane, godmother of the festival, which will animate a stand and lend itself to the game of selfies and dedications.

For this fencing, consoles of last generation in free to play, the discovery of the new prototypes of games created especially for the festival, sessions with virtual reality helmets, giant tournaments organized by the associations Nintendo Sunshine and Hadoteam, retrogaming , Saber laser workshops, but also a cosplay parade organized in partnership with the Yumeji and Japanonymes associations. At 7 pm, in the end of this day, ETM concerts will be played the most beautiful melodies of video games.

Programs for locating cell phone – GPS, IMEI and more

When you run various reasons indispensable device you’re talking every day, it is important to locate your cell phone to have at least 1 chance to get it back. The worst is when you get home and realize with amazement that you do not phone in your pocket. Even if you forgot somewhere (the restaurant by taxi, at work) or any person “benevolent” helped you to get rid of it, they are unlikely to recover him.

Even if the phone itself is not very valuable (especially if you have a feature phone) surely personal data, account data that you have on the Internet, calendar contacts and messages are important. As most do not back up this information, “disaster” is inevitable. All you can do is to call and ask the operator GSM SIM card lock that you may not realize that others have talked on the phone on your money.
You’re probably wondering how do we find a stolen phone if it has neither GPS nor an operating system that allow you to install a special application. The solution works with all type of phone if you are using IMEI community.

Acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity, IMEI is a unique 15 digit number for every mobile phone in the world. In case that your phone is stolen, you must file a complaint with the police stating, besides circumstances of the incident, and IMEI of the phone. In addition, present all the documents related to the phone (original packaging, invoice, etc.), to the extent that you own. Under the law, police have the right to locate a stolen mobile phone said, but only after receiving the agreement of the prosecutor and the judge dealing with the case. Also by law, the judge shall decide on this request within 48 hours, so it can take even two days before the start of criminal phone.

After receiving the approval of both the police can locate the phone based on the IMEI code delivered by the telephone operator, which significantly increases your chances of being found. Theoretically, using cell phone tracker code, any telecom operator has the ability to block a stolen phone said. But site very important that when you try to use this method to locate a stolen phone, the phone is turned on and is in an area accessible to GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. In addition, the location must use a supplementary service that can be available either in the form of a website or an application form. We will address the most trivial case: you have a phone with relative ease operating system, but that benefit from GPS and has the ability to connect to the internet.
One of the easiest ways you can find out the location of the phone is to use Google Latitude. Developed to be able to see where your friends without them ever call, the service can also be used for monitoring their own. Just enter your phone’s browser on the Google Latitude site, you loch with your Google account, to allow the service to locate your position and stay logged into this site. If your stolen phone, you access the Google Latitude on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone), you log into your account and access the “View location history” where you can see where to walk your phone.


But it is important to remember that this trick works only as long as the one who came into possession of your phone does not delete coockie sites and browser navigation history and not completely resets the phone. This method of locating a satellite phone can be used on smartphones with Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, but it is better to use specialized services which I present below.

Best online games

Best online games



Next-generation games are too expensive for most players. A computer, for example, needs to be improved or completely changed every few years to run the latest titles.

World of Tanks

Created in 2010 by those from Wargaming, World of Tanks is now one of the best online games. Players take control of a tank and have the opportunity to duel with other people in some battles like those in World War II. Besides tanks outstanding during the period 1939-1945, the game also includes models launched mid last century. In total, the game includes no less than 382 vehicles in seven different countries: the Soviet Union, Germany, USA, UK, France, China and Japan. In World of Tanks there are five types of vehicles: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank autotunuri and hunting. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and actions during battles are largely influenced by the vehicle that a person chose him. The game focuses on realism, but to provide users a pleasant experience, some elements are ignored. For example, although most tanks were in fact received, the machine guns, they can not be used in the game, since the infantry is not used.

World of Warcraft

There are few things you can say about World of Warcraft that you have not heard before. It is the most profitable game in history, succeeding in 2012 exceeded the threshold of 10 billion dollars. Meanwhile, earnings have also increased. World of Warcraft was the fourth game series Warcraft, created in 1994. With five expansions launched from 2007 onwards, World of Warcraft currently has 7.1 million subscribers and is a leader in this area. Also, more than 100 million accounts have been created in the past 11 launch.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is one of the most important projects launched by Blizzard and heroes of the games include StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft. They are grouped into four different classes. A “warrior” is a hero who can do well in direct battles and can collect more hits without being affected very badly. On the other hand, an assassin is suitable for the fights went the distance, since it can cause great damage but can not charge a lot. The battles influences ranging from support by helping those in their team and experts focusing on various things, such as destruction of buildings. Most maps currently available offers three standard color, and heroes can choose new talent during the fighting when they reach certain levels of experience.

League of Legends

Inspired by way of World of Warcraft DOTA, League of Legends has become one of the most played titles in the world, with tens of millions who tune in each day. Players can compete with the computer or other people, depending on your preference, the most popular type of game is one in which the main target is the Nexus in the middle of a base. To reach it, a team must destroy all the protection structures encountered along the way. Each player selects a different hero, who, according to capacity, may be included in the following categories: Tanks (those that attract attacks because of resistance) Magi (who can give devastating blows, but can not cope with a direct fight, so they must be protected), DPS or “damage per second” (includes heroes that can cause huge damage in a short period) and support (those who help their teammates).

Eve Online

Eve Online is an older game than World of Warcraft, but do not receive the same number of subscribers. Although in 2013, Eve Online had over 500,000 subscribers at present, their number probably does not exceed 400,000. Players can control the shuttle and can navigate between 7,800 systems, all connected through star gates. In Eve Online, players can duel each other or with the computer. For those who prefer battles, the creators have introduced other professions and specializations, such as mining, trade or exploration. No story in the game is not ignored. The action of Eve Online takes place 21,000 years in the future when humanity began to colonize the rest of the planets in the Milky Way. Meanwhile, a goal that was discovered and transported to a parallel universe, and so they came to create new colonies. For unknown reasons, the gate link between the two worlds crashed, and the newly discovered universe are isolated. Along the way, they were formed five large states: Empire Amarr, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic and Directorate Jove. Five states, five different forms of organization, the two main factions of Eve Online.