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Snapchat and Google ally with the press in France to combat false information

Among the eight media outlets in France who were allied with France Médias Monde Snapchat group set – which includes RFI and France 24 – Le Monde newspaper and magazine L’Express, Agence France Presse and BFM television news.


Under pressure, incentive to better tackle the misinformation – or “fake news” as they are called – after being regarded as a striking feature of the recent electoral campaign in the US, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg established since America December 5 device in collaboration with media outlets there. After France, Snapchat plans to continue cooperation with other countries, Germany is next on the list.

Specifically, Snapchat will allow users to report information which they consider false. All such information will be reported together in a portal with access to media partners. They can then verify that information. If at least two media outlets, two publications therefore determined that the content is false then it will be signaled with a flag that Snapchat users will remember that two “fact-checkers” have questioned the veracity of that information. If Snapchat users will want to pass on this content “dubious”, a message will alert. In addition, such content can not be exploited untruthful advertising.

In a commentary that resembles but rather a justification Director Le Monde explains why he hesitated to accept this collaboration.  The eight media outlets engaged in this operation, however, insists on its experimental nature. A first assessment will be done in two months but already it is assumed that job sharing will be extended.

In parallel with this collaboration Snapchat with eight media outlets in France, First Draft News Network in collaboration with Google will launch in late site “crosscheck”. 16 editorial partner – again including AFP, Le Monde, France Médias Monde and France Télévisions – will work together to identify and verify the content circulating online – news, photos, videos or comments. As in the previous case, the public is invited to attend signaling suspicious content.


A team of journalism students, formed by Google, will summarize and then be put back in context every rumor or allegation unfounded photomontage. The flow thus created will be supervised by Agence France Presse. “Competition between media is not stake when it comes to combat misinformation and manipulation.

Snapchat mobile app and desktop site began propagating a new section dedicated to weather forecast. The claim that Snapchat already at 95% of its users can access the new feature and that in the coming days, it will be available to everyone.

The new weather section of Snapchat is an upgrade to the message that sometimes have their social network users and includes the current temperature. Through it, users can now access a special section dedicated to weather forecast.

In addition to greeting the feed, the new feature can be accessed from the More section, where Snapchat cram all auxiliary functions of the feed, as well as groups and pages.

The new weather section from Snapchat only provides information on the maximum and minimum temperatures, provided by weather.com, lacking a dedicated application scope, informing the user about many other aspects forecast as wind power, chance and rainfall etc.

In addition, Snapchat will also provide notifications on weather conditions. For now, the notifications are in test phase, to be implemented in their final form by the end of this month.

For snapchat password hack, the new section dedicated to weather conditions is part of a series that seems endless amenities that are designed to keep as much captive user in their social network ecosystem.