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Best online games

Best online games



Next-generation games are too expensive for most players. A computer, for example, needs to be improved or completely changed every few years to run the latest titles.

World of Tanks

Created in 2010 by those from Wargaming, World of Tanks is now one of the best online games. Players take control of a tank and have the opportunity to duel with other people in some battles like those in World War II. Besides tanks outstanding during the period 1939-1945, the game also includes models launched mid last century. In total, the game includes no less than 382 vehicles in seven different countries: the Soviet Union, Germany, USA, UK, France, China and Japan. In World of Tanks there are five types of vehicles: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank autotunuri and hunting. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and actions during battles are largely influenced by the vehicle that a person chose him. The game focuses on realism, but to provide users a pleasant experience, some elements are ignored. For example, although most tanks were in fact received, the machine guns, they can not be used in the game, since the infantry is not used.

World of Warcraft

There are few things you can say about World of Warcraft that you have not heard before. It is the most profitable game in history, succeeding in 2012 exceeded the threshold of 10 billion dollars. Meanwhile, earnings have also increased. World of Warcraft was the fourth game series Warcraft, created in 1994. With five expansions launched from 2007 onwards, World of Warcraft currently has 7.1 million subscribers and is a leader in this area. Also, more than 100 million accounts have been created in the past 11 launch.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is one of the most important projects launched by Blizzard and heroes of the games include StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft. They are grouped into four different classes. A “warrior” is a hero who can do well in direct battles and can collect more hits without being affected very badly. On the other hand, an assassin is suitable for the fights went the distance, since it can cause great damage but can not charge a lot. The battles influences ranging from support by helping those in their team and experts focusing on various things, such as destruction of buildings. Most maps currently available offers three standard color, and heroes can choose new talent during the fighting when they reach certain levels of experience.

League of Legends

Inspired by way of World of Warcraft DOTA, League of Legends has become one of the most played titles in the world, with tens of millions who tune in each day. Players can compete with the computer or other people, depending on your preference, the most popular type of game is one in which the main target is the Nexus in the middle of a base. To reach it, a team must destroy all the protection structures encountered along the way. Each player selects a different hero, who, according to capacity, may be included in the following categories: Tanks (those that attract attacks because of resistance) Magi (who can give devastating blows, but can not cope with a direct fight, so they must be protected), DPS or “damage per second” (includes heroes that can cause huge damage in a short period) and support (those who help their teammates).

Eve Online

Eve Online is an older game than World of Warcraft, but do not receive the same number of subscribers. Although in 2013, Eve Online had over 500,000 subscribers at present, their number probably does not exceed 400,000. Players can control the shuttle and can navigate between 7,800 systems, all connected through star gates. In Eve Online, players can duel each other or with the computer. For those who prefer battles, the creators have introduced other professions and specializations, such as mining, trade or exploration. No story in the game is not ignored. The action of Eve Online takes place 21,000 years in the future when humanity began to colonize the rest of the planets in the Milky Way. Meanwhile, a goal that was discovered and transported to a parallel universe, and so they came to create new colonies. For unknown reasons, the gate link between the two worlds crashed, and the newly discovered universe are isolated. Along the way, they were formed five large states: Empire Amarr, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic and Directorate Jove. Five states, five different forms of organization, the two main factions of Eve Online.