What’s in the demo of Pokemon Sun & Moon

In this special demo version, you will discover the region of Alola as well as Sachanobi, the Amphinobi which appears alongside Sacha in the cartoons Pokémon, series: XYZ. Note that you will be able to transfer your Amphinobi Shape Sacha from the special demo version to the full version of Pokémon Soleil or Pokémon Lune after their release on November 23rd.

What is this game ?

Pokémon Soleil and Pokémon Lune takes place in the tropical region of Alola, a paradisiac archipelago with four main islands of lush nature and an artificial island. These islands are inhabited by many unknown Pokémon to this day. From the beginning of the adventure, the player can choose to play a hero or a heroine and give him the name and appearance he wants. The story begins with the move of the main character to Alola, but hardly has he set foot in his new home that adventures and new encounters are connected.

A first video to discover the demo

It is our friend Ben who from Japan, released a first video on YouTube of the demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon.For its fourth edition, NOGA continues to explore the link between video game and digital creation. Always organized by the Carré d’Art library complex in Nîmes, this year’s theme is disability and e-health. With the guests MARCUS and KAYANE. Download game: http://pksunrom.com/

The network of libraries in Nîmes, CHU Nîmes and Paloma host the 4th edition of the festival of video games and digital creation, on the themes of the augmented body, and video games for the benefit of health and disability.The program features lectures in the presence of geek culture icons (Marcus and Kayane, the Blind Legend team), health and research professionals, video game consoles and PC games, retrogaming, Free to play games stands, workshops with augmented reality helmets, exhibitions.Enjoy the inaugural weekend to treat the latest generation consoles in cooldown tournaments hosted by Cooldown and meet Marcus at the inaugural conference.

In the presence of Kayane, godmother of the festival, which will animate a stand and lend itself to the game of selfies and dedications.

For this fencing, consoles of last generation in free to play, the discovery of the new prototypes of games created especially for the festival, sessions with virtual reality helmets, giant tournaments organized by the associations Nintendo Sunshine and Hadoteam, retrogaming , Saber laser workshops, but also a cosplay parade organized in partnership with the Yumeji and Japanonymes associations. At 7 pm, in the end of this day, ETM concerts will be played the most beautiful melodies of video games.

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